Term of Use

The service providers of these Terms of Service refer to service providers (including branch offices) and partners.

Account verification

And provide real and effective authentication data and payment account corresponding to the account user for account authentication. After the certification, the service provider logistics platform can be used by the sender. 

All information on the Service Provider Platform is solely responsible to the Registrant.

Shipments restricted and forbidden

The sender has clearly understood that the service provider does not accept shipments entrusted by the sender to be imitation and expressly prohibited by the National Customs Law, and agrees that the shipments it delivers are in compliance with the conditions of carriage, such as Any violation of the relevant regulations by the party shall be the responsibility of the sender.

Prohibited items

1. Customs intellectual property protection (such as world-renowned brands, "official power of attorney" can be received and sent), counterfeit and shoddy items;

2. Various weapons and ammunition, simulated weapons (such as simulated toy guns), toxic chemicals, chemical dangerous goods, explosives (fireworks, fireworks, gasoline, alcohol, sulfuric acid, paint, etc.), firearms, white crystals Shape, powder, liquid, paste, etc.;

3. Cards such as cash, cheques, money orders, securities, anonymous negotiable instruments, counterfeit currency, debit cards, credit cards, etc., and passbooks of financial institutions;

4. Drugs (such as opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, ice, etc.), medicines, and narcotics, psychotropic substances, etc.;

5. Various obscene books, newspapers, pictures, films, video tapes, audio tapes, obscene toys, entertainment products, and printed and engraved daily necessities and patterns of daily necessities;

6. Animals and plants, animal carcasses (such as specimens), humans, and other harmful organisms.

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