Having FF,

Every day becomes so easy.

Consolidate in China's warehouse from suppliers.

Free storage if +2000 orders per month, or under 1CBM.

Free storage for the 1st month.

Warehousing Consolidation

Picking, packing, labeling upon your orders.

Flexible space and staffs, especially in peak season.

Done within 1 day. 

Orders Fulfillment 


1-3 days to worldwide for fast way.

Shipping with 2-4 $ per order for cheap way.

B2C & B2B can be arranged both.

Dropshipping Worldwide​​​​​​​

Sourcing/purchase, QC, package reinforcement, 

take photos, kitting/assembly, inventory management customized packing materials, and so on.

3PL Value-added service 


Your ecommerce stores on Shopify, Shopee, etc,

can be ingegrated with our system.

Orders data and tracking number will be

synchronized authomatically.

System Integration

General Steps about Our Cooperation

1. You let us know your business details, 

like product category,  average weight per order, 

orders quantity per week, main destinations countries, etc.

2. We offer you the suitable quote.

3. You send us the contact information of your supplier.

4. We contact your supplier to check their delivery details.

5. We make integration between your e-store and our system.

 6. We collect the goods in our China's (Shenzhen) fulfillment center warehouses. 

7. We update the goods arrival situation and inventory data to you.

8. We pick, pack, and stick the shipping label, upon your orders.

9. We ship out the parcels to your customers worldwide.

10. We update the tracking number to you.

Customers Stories

What Our New Customers Say


Fantastic, thank you so much for your detailed and very informative feedback.

Sounds really good to me and your service & communication are super professional, really enjoy it!”

“It’s a pain to pick, pack, and print the labels, and manage the storage. It would be a huge stress for us to do it ourselves, but the fact that FF takes care of it all, both the savings in costs and time, is invaluable to our business”

What Our Old Customers Say

Nick, from BRIK

Sonia, from DORIS SLEEP

Tracy, from BAKBLADE

“FF company has definitely adapted to our growth. They keep getting better and better, helping brands grow and expand at a ratio that other 3PLs might be a few years behind.”

Our People and Customers

Some of Our Partners

Skype: logisticsff

Tel: +86 755 85238147

Whatsapp: +86 132 6671 5978


1. perry@logisticsff.com (Sales Manager)

2. linda@logisticsff.com (Partnership Manager)

Head office address:

Room 401, City Shanhai Building, No. 53, Pingxin Rd, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. 


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