We can send the goods both to your designated ports, overseas warehouse wholly, or to your worldwide customers' hands directly.

For bigger shipment, sea (FCL and LCL) and air freight shipping are commonly used.

For small to door delivery shipment, which is called drop shipping, express (courier) and post freight shipping are commonly used.

Except shipping, we can help prepare the export documents, like packing list, invoice, export license, and do the customs declaration/clearance.

Nowadays, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) shipment is very popular. We can also deliver your goods to FBA warehouse worldwide.

We keep long time cooperation with the carriers, especially DHL and China Post. So we can get the discount rates and priority shipping space from them. And then offer you comprehensive and competitive shipping service.

Our main express/courier/post partners:

Our main air freight partners:

Our main sea/ocean freight partners:

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