Customers Stories
Warehouse + Shipping to C

Gojane sell product from their own e-store to worldwide. Before, they import from China to their USA warehouse wholly. Then they pick and pack them, and ship it to door across America and the worldwide.

Now they choose FFs Chinas warehouse to consolidate their goods, pick, pack and ship it to door worldwide directly. 1, the employee cost here is cheaper. 2, the customers can receive goods sooner. 3, it is easier to return the products back to manufactures for extra works, when needed.

QC + Shipping to B​

GETNORD sell products from local shops in Lithuania. Before, they QC them in their EU warehouse and then sell it. Now they moved it to FFs Shenzhen warehouse, since their manufactures located in Shenzhen (Guangdong) areas. 

FF check the products quantity firstly. If find unqualified products, it can be sent to manufacture at first time for settlement. 2nd step, FF help pack the products into new box, heap wrapping, pack by carton and pallet. Finally, FF ship the goods to GETNORD by sea/air way.

Stick Label + Shipping to FBA​

LAVIE operate a store in Amazon. FF help sort out the suitable goods, print the Amazon needed shipping label, stick it on the package in Chinas warehouse, and ship them to the designated FBA warehouses in USA, UK, Germany, France, etc by sea/air/rail way.

These years Amazon business grow very fast. Relatively, LAVIEs cargos quantity grows very fast, too.

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