How To Finalize A Suitable Supplier
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In order to find a suitable supplier, you need to focus on the following four aspects: product price, product quality, delivery speed, and cooperation intention. 


The product price definitely needs to be the lowest or close to the lowest in the industry, but you cannot just focus on the product price, after all, you get what you pay for. Overly pursuing low prices while ignoring product quality cannot sell for a long time. 


You need to first purchase some products from manufacturers and experience them firsthand. Not only do you need to feel the quality of the products, but you also need to check the packaging situation and delivery speed. 


After all, timely delivery is important for cross-border e-commerce. You need to choose a supplier with production capabilities, whether it is purchasing a product or purchasing a large quantity of products, to ensure that the product can be shipped in a timely manner. 


Suppliers who respond promptly and can assist in handling after-sales issues and making product improvements are definitely the first choice. A good supplier should not only be able to provide existing samples, but also offer customized services, which can facilitate you in building your own brand in the later stage.

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Hope you can find the most suitable suppliers for you. Then your supply chain can be more competitive.


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