How To Decide What Product To Sell In Your Online Store
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1. Follow your own hobbies.

Interests and hobbies are the best teachers. You are definitely surrounded by entrepreneurship based on your own interests and hobbies, such as opening oil painting training classes, Taekwondo classes, etc. One of the benefits of creating a project around your passion is that during difficult times, you will persevere and move forward courageously for your hobbies. Continuously uploading products and researching sales data is a tedious task, so you can choose products based on your preferences. 

If you don't like the product you want to sell yourself and don't have the willingness to study it carefully, how can you have an interest in continuous improvement and persuade customers to make a purchase?

2. Utilize one's own experience and strength.

Utilizing one's own experience and professional knowledge will have a strong competitive advantage. 

Transforming your professional knowledge into selling products or services is a great way to enter the market, while it is a barrier for others. 

For example, if you are a skier, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of some skiing equipment, know what products customers should choose, and be more able to persuade customers to purchase your products with your professional knowledge.

3. Choose products with advantageous resources.

The competition in cross-border e-commerce ultimately lies in the competition in the supply chain. 

Having a stable source of goods and being able to ship in a timely and fast manner will have a huge advantage. Most sellers do not produce products at the beginning and use intermediaries to earn the price difference. Therefore, when selecting products, you can first consider whether there are factories in the surrounding area and whether there are friends who can provide stable sources of goods. 

Only by being familiar enough with the products being sold can we sell them better. If you are close to the factory, it is easier to control the quality of the products and the progress of shipping. If you want to improve the existing products in the future, it is also convenient to communicate in person and keep track of the progress at any time.

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