Six Key Points To Doing Independent Ecommerce Store Well, Including Shopify Woocommerce
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1. Products and supply chain.

Sellers must first determine competitive products, which can be produced by themselves or customized and mass-produced by suppliers. Sellers must ensure continuous supply of products and have a good product supply chain to prevent products from becoming "explosive products out of stock after payment".

2. Promotional materials.

Good promotional materials can achieve twice the result with half the effort in marketing. The way a product is first displayed in front of online store visitors, that is, the first impression, is crucial to the conversion rate. Promotional materials include advertising materials, product pictures, website banners, detailed descriptions, video materials, etc.

3. Promotion plan.

We know that the biggest shortcoming of Shopify/Woocommerce is that when a store is first built, the website content is indexed by search engines for a short time, the keyword ranking is relatively low, and almost no visitors will reach the store. Therefore, sellers need to develop a promotion plan, using paid or free methods. Ads to attract visitors can be promoted through Facebook ads, Google Ads, email marketing, video marketing, etc.

4. Team building.

The process of building a Shopify/Woocommerce store and promoting it will involve taking photos, image design, copywriting, advertising, replying to customer emails, after-sales service, etc. If you sell fewer products, you can handle these things alone. If you sell a lot of products, you need to form a team and have professional people handle it.

5. Target audience.

After determining the products to sell, you need to lock in the target market based on the characteristics of the product, that is, the area and group of people to be promoted. Only by choosing the right area and crowd can you get more sales at less cost. For example, if the products you sell are golf-related products, you need to sell them in the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Promote and promote golf in some developed countries where golf is popular.

6. User experience.

User experience is also crucial, including the sensory experience of customers visiting your store, the payment experience of purchasing products, the use experience after receiving the goods, the after-sales service experience after problems occur during use, etc. A good user experience will attract customers to keep purchasing your product and make them willing to recommend it to their friends.

7. Logistics experience.

Commonly, the logistics cost takes around 30% of your total cost. So please find the most suitable logistics solution, that can control the cost and let the shipping cost be affordable for most of your customers. Except the cost, you must make sure the orders be fulfilled in time, be delivered without delay, wrong pack, nor broken. Bad logistics experience will kill your store, while nice experience will help your store get more and more orders.

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