How To Find A Better 3PL In China For Your Ecommerce?
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Some of ecommerce owners want to change a new 3PL partner, because the current one is not satisfied.

E.g. their price always change, their shipping time is slow, their respond speed is slow, and so on.

There are many 3PL companies in China. It's not easy to find a really better 3PL for your ecommerce 

supply chain. How to find a better one from them?

The best way is you can get a related recommendation from your beside friends. It's has been tested. 

And it's more trusted.

If you haven't this kind of friend, try to search some 3PL for ecommerce business in China by Google, 

Facebook, or Tiktok. Talk with their people to feel whether they do as they promised. 

For example, check whether they will offer you the quote at the exact time they promised. And please 

check whether their answers about all details are professional. At last, find the market level price 

provider, instead of the cheapest one.

On the other hand, after you finalized your 3PL partner, you'd better send a few products to their 

warehouse firstly to test their actual service, including their full costs, actual work efficiency, shipping 

time, real reputation, etc. 

If all going well, you can send all your goods to them then.

Congratulations! You got the better 3PL partner eventually.

If you still haven't got it, you can try FF Logistics, the better 3PL in China for global Ecommerce.


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