Why Customized Packing Is So Important For Ecommerce?
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There are five reasons to use the customized packing material for fulfill your Ecommerce orders, when your orders quantity is big, like more than 500 orders weekly.

1. It can protect your product well during the international shipping by using the suitable customized packing material.

2. There will not be empty space in the parcel. The volume weight, as well as chargeable weight can be controlled. And the shipping freight can be controlled.

3. For Ecommerce, you can't see your customers. They can just feel your heart by the looking of the parcel they received. If the parcel packing is well designed, including your logo, the nice impression of your brand can be brought to their soul.

4. The eco friendly packing materials can be used upon your request. This will be more welcomed by more and more customers worldwide.

5. The packing is value. Better selling price can be applied for better packing.

Commonly, the customized packing bag, box, carton can be offered by our 3PL fulfillment center partners in China upon your design. 
Of course, these can be offered by the best 3PL fulfillment center provider FF in China.


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