FBA v.s FBM, Which Is Better?
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There are two logistic options for your Amazon store: FBA and FBM.

FBA means you store goods in FBA warehouse, and let Amazon help you do the fulfillment and to door delivery issues.

By doing this, the to door shipping time can be very fast, like around 1-2 days. And it's helpful for your Amazon store marketing.

You need to ship the mass goods from your supplier place, (commonly in China) to the designated FBA warehouses. Amazon have different FBA warehouses in different countries. Take USA FBA as example, the shipping time from China is around 5-10 days by air, and 15-30 days by sea.

If your goods in FBA are not selling well, it's hard to return, while you need to pay high warehousing fees to Amazon.

FBM means you do the fulfillment and to door delivery issues by yourself.

Commonly, you can do the fulfillment issues in a 3PL warehouse, (like FF Logistics), in China, and let them ship the parcels to your customers worldwide directly. The shipping time from China to your customer's hand is around 3-7 days by fast way, and 7-14 days by economic way.

You can let your 3PL agent pack the parcels by customized packing materials, including your logo, which is helpful for your branding.

If your goods in the 3PL warehouse are not selling well, it's convenient to return, and without high warehousing fees.

All in all, if your Amazon orders quantity keeps big and steady, and you focus on the fixed country market, FBA will be a better option.

Otherwise, FBM will be better.

What is your situation?


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