3 Benefits To Have A Consolidation Warehouse In China
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1. If you have more than one suppliers, the logistics cost per unit will be high, if you ship products from each supplier to your destinations separately. The cost per unit can be decreased, if you consolidate products in one warehouse and ship to your destination as as big whole shipment, especially when you collect samples packages for your business at beginning.

2. You may have different SKUs of products for selling. The consolidation warehouse can collect the different products together in one place. Thus the orders fulfillment efficiency and accuracy can be better.

3. Compared with overseas warehouse, it will be closer with your suppliers for the China warehouse. It means it will be more in time to return the problem products to supplier, as well as add new products to your inventory.

Therefore, more and more cross border business owners choose to cooperate with a 3PL consolidation warehouse in China for their global business.


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