The 3 Commonly Seen Hidden Fees From Your 3PL Partner
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As Ecommerce seller, you need a China 3PL company offer fulfillment and shipping service. 

There are two standard fees for these service: handling fee and shipping fee. Except these two fees, they may charge you some other fees:

1. Packing material fee.

It depends on your specific requirements, like bag, box, even the size or logo customized factors.

2. SKU fee

Some 3PL companies may charge this fee, when your SKUs quantity is big.

3. Storage fee

It depends on your storage volume and period.

Many 3PL companies offer free storage time, like 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, etc.

Please make all these clearly, and make a comprehensive comparation, when you choosing 3PL partner for your ecommerce.

Have your every come across any other hidden fees?


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